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In my projects, I've explored ethical hacking, networking, Discord bot development, and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). These endeavors have allowed me to delve into diverse technological domains, honing my skills and understanding of cybersecurity principles while also emphasizing ethical considerations in technology usage.

Ethical Hacking:


A target system connects to a server hosted on my Raspberry Pi. This configuration allows non-technical users to access the victim device via the connection established by the Raspberry Pi server (thanks to Ngrok). I then have access to the victim's webcam and microphone, files...


An automated phishing tool hosted on my Raspberry Pi and connected to a MariaDB database. This tool focuses on simulating phishing scenarios in an automated way via the SMTP protocol, while simulating a well-known French website. I didn't steal any data, it was for educational purposes only.


An IDS is an intrusion detection system. I've coded mine in python, with a config.yml to set and configure certain variables. So I can detect port scans, nmap scans, ICMP requests... and if someone manages to penetrate my SSH, they'll be automatically banned and warned. Their ip, location and time of intrusion will be sent to me by email and will appear in the log files.



My OSINT project involves the development of a scraping tool designed to collect all messages from a person on a public Discord server. These messages are then fed into a linguistic model to generate a profile or summary of the person. This tool aims to facilitate the collection of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) by extracting valuable information from publicly available Discord conversations. It is essential to use these tools responsibly, adhering to legal and ethical considerations and respecting privacy.



My Discord bot project is a playful simulation inspired by the concept of Chinese social credit systems. Created for entertainment purposes between friends, the bot integrates statistics, uses a MariaDB database hosted on a Raspberry Pi, and uses multithreading in Python with SQL commands.


Creating a Nearby Router Detector, an application designed to identify nearby routers by collecting information such as MAC address, BSSID, SSID and signal strength. This educational or professional project aims to illustrate the concepts of wireless network detection, particularly for applications such as mapping Wi-Fi coverage.


A simple python script that lets you see the words you've said the most, thanks to discord's data retrieval request.