A simple python script that lets you see the words you've said the most, thanks to discord's data retrieval request.

How it works:

The instruction:

You just need to copy the absolute path of your discord data folder, like this:
C:\\Users\\oFunkie\\Desktop\\discord-data\\messages and paste it in the script, and it will itterate through each messages and append it to an array.

The script:

    import csv 
    import os

    dict_words = {}              
    list_folders = os.listdir('C:\\Users\\oFunkie\\Desktop\\discord-data\\messages')
    for folder in list_folders: 
        if folder == "index.json":
        with open(f'C:\\Users\\oFunkie\\Desktop\\discord-data\\messages\\\{folder}\\messages.csv',
        'r', encoding="utf8") as file:
            csvreader = csv.reader(file)
            for row in csvreader:
                list_words = row[2].lower().split(" ")
                for word in list_words:
                    if word in dict_words: 
                        dict_words[word] += 1
                        dict_words[word] = 1
    arr_words = list(dict_words.items())
    def takeCount(elem):
        return elem[1]

You can change the value of arr_words[-600:] to display how many words you want to see in total.